A final inspection a day or two before settlement to make sure the property is in the same condition that it was at the time the offer contract was written.
An affordability analysis that is based on a what-if scenario. A what-if analysis is useful if you do not have complete data or if you want to explore the effect of various changes to your income, liabilities or available funds or to the qualifying ratios or down payment expenses that are used in the analysis.
Your application number is listed in your Welcome Letter or other bank communications regarding this application. If you haven't received your Welcome Letter or need help with your application number, please call 1.800.269.3084.
When you create online credentials, we take extensive precautions to protect your information and verify your identity. Your Social Security number allows us to confirm your identity.
A transfer of money from one person's bank to another personâ??s bank account, either domestically or internationally.
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