About Echo Stone

EchoStone Nigeria is a real estate development company that provides an innovative housing system developed specifically to address large-scale housing shortages by providing proprietary and state-of-the-art construction technology, lean design, construction concepts, value engineering and procurement solutions to allow for a rapid, scalable, industrial and highly-mobile building solution for communities in need.

Technological advances in construction are not far in the future. They are here and within your reach, and they can be affordable. A middle-class earner like Ade can now afford a minimalist home neatly tucked away in the serene suburbs. We can help you create your place of comfort. We offer cozy and cohesive spaces that surround you with the feeling of home-coming, providing superior value for your money.

EchoStone Development Nigeria has partnered with the Lagos State Government Ministry of Housing to construct houses under the Lagos Affordable Public Housing (LAPH) initiative to develop 2000 units of affordable houses in 3 locations in the state namely:

Idale, Badagry

Ayobo, Alimosho and

Imota, Ikorodu.

Two hundred and fifty (250) of these homes are however under construction in Idale, Badagry.


In addition to our partnership with Lagos State Government and Lagos State Mortgage Board , we have also entered into partnership with Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank Ltd, Trust Bond Mortgage  Bank Plc and Homebase Mortgage Bank Ltd. These mortgage banks will provide buyers with mortgage facilities with support from Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC).



-  Lagos State Mortgage Board.

- Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank.

- Trust Bond Mortgage Bank Plc.

- Homebase Mortgage Bank Ltd.

- Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company.


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