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At Peridot Parkland, our Houses are built with Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC). CLC has several advantages which include:

1) Thermal Insulation - You will need minimal AC as the house will be cool all the time.

2) Acoustical Insulation - Sound proof

3) Fire resistance – Protection against fire



- Power Supply

- Potable water with water reticulation system

- Paved road network

- Recreation centre

- Car Parks

- Sewage Reticulation System

- Street Lights

- Green Areas

- Ease of title



LOCATION:Peridot parkland is located in Idale , Badagry.

Why Badagry:

Major Border Town: Peridot Park Land located at the Border town of Badagry, A rustic and idyllic town with rich historical background, surrounded by Coastlines and Peninsulas and breath taking scenic views. Its Natural Flora and Fauna, which are untouched and untapped make it an appealing environment to own a home! Badagry is one of Nigeria's most important border towns, with Seme Border, Benin Republic, just 10 minutes' drive away.

AccessibilityBadagry is an important location, The Lagos State Government is currently constructing a 10 lane, dualised road stretching  from Badagry through Lagos island, and a light rail system covering the same stretch. Which means ease of accessibility and ultimately capital appreciation of property in that axis. P A R K L A N D , I D A L E BADAGRY LAGOS

Security: Being a Border town, there is quite some military and security presence in Badagry, making it one of the most secure areas in the Lagos metropolis.

Tourist AttractionBadagry is also host to a lot of resorts and beaches for relaxation, parties and picnics, one of the more popular ones being Whispering Palms Resort. Its potential as one of the most viable and worthwhile Tourists' Attraction in Lagos cannot be overemphasized.


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